I havent updated in like a billion years it seems like. Not much has happened, Thanksgiving break was spent at Toshas, where I met this guy name Devin. Hes such a hottie too, we got along well. His brother died over the summer in an ATV wreck so we talked about that, and I talked about Kenny. Let me describe his looks: black hair, not greasy black hair, but the kind of black hair you want to rub all the eyes, really pretty blue eyes...and a great body...yummy.

One Tree Hill comes on tonight, so does the Real World.

I have a project due for Picklesimer Friday and I need to get working on it, but I'm lazy lol.

OMG JOSH...Im not even going to get into that right now
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I have to go downtown at 6:00 for a Democratic rally thing. I get extra credit for going, and I need it for my math class. I guess, Destinee, Heather and I are going to go to the haunted house at Belfry after that.

Tosha is bringing her kids up here for me to watch in a little while. I think Mom is going to let me go down there next week to try out her new internet. She got satellite internet, I would trade an arm for it.

I'm listening to this C.D. Jackie made me at her house the other night. It's corny but Paul Andrew deleted Kazaa, that bastard.

If you can read this entry its a miracle. I could probably talk about anyone I wanted and they wouldnt be smart enough to go to the comment page and read it lol. I really like this idea, its awesome.
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Robbie and I broke up last week. I know, its been awhile since I wrote. He broke up with me, which sucks even more. My feelings for him are confusing, really bad. One minute I hate him, and the next I want to call him up and tell him how much I love him. I could always talk to Robbie, I mean I told him everything. He knew when i was mad at him, and he knew when to say all the good things that made me feel good. Oh well, stuff happens, I'll live.

All my favorite shows are starting to come back on, that makes me happy. I watched me some One Tree Hill the other night, I was in a good mood.

Today was tacky day today at school. I looked hot as hellz. I had on some leopard print stockings, you know thats tacky lol

I'm waiting on Tosha to get here to take me out. I talk about her non stop, but it's just because I miss her so much. I really do, shes my best friend, the sister I never had and then all of sudden she left. It sorta feels like she died with Kenny. I mean I still get to talk to her but not like I used too. Everyone thought she was my mom or my sister. Seeing her once a month is not the same, I wrote her a letter the other day, but I'm not going to give it to her. Don't ask why.

I want a new camera. I'm going to ask Tosha to buy me one for Christmas. I love taking pictures, even though I hardly ever get the film together.

I ♥ Jerome
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Tomorrow Tosha is supposed to take me and spend time with me. I have a feeling she won't though. My feelings about Tosha are almost always right too. I hope she takes me to eat Mexican so I can tell the Mexican God Father that its her birthday. She hates when I do that to her lol.

Mallie took Travis and Me to Wendys after school, Charles Mark followed along in his ugly BMW. I'm glad they have cars to take me places now. lol Mallie ordered a six dollar salad and took about three bites out of it. Turk got a salad and he couldn't eat it with a fork or some crap. Then this old lady dropped her salad all in the floor and we laughed for like five minutes. When Mallie was taking me home I told him this skanky house was mine and he started to pull over, it was funny. He wasn't going to say anything, but I knew what he was thinking.

Suzy almost died in my yard today. She thew up for like 15 minutes, then she ate all of the grass in the yard.

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Be Back In A Few

I'm leaving for Tennessee tomorrow morning, and I won't get to see Robbie or probably even talk to him. :0(

Tonight Travis and I are going out to eat then to the movies. I have no clue what were going to see yet. I'm excited, we don't get to spend much time together during the summer.

Tosha got a new dog. She found it laying on Kennys grave. A man cutting grass came up and said that the dog had been laying there for two weeks on top of it. Dalton cut a fit, so she took it home. I'm glad she took that dog home with her because I kinda have a connection to it, in a way that is. She just needs to get rid of her crazy min pins and Lucy. Lucy is like a greyhound but like more lanky and skinny. I like her St. Bernard, Laci, she can keep that one too. Tosha has to keep my Ordy Pordy, I would kill her if she ever gave him away.

For some reason I have a strange feeling that Kayla won't go with us tomorrow. There's nothing holding her from coming and I want her to come, but I just have that feeling.

Mom thinks I'm reading those books for school. Ha, I'm just getting summaries off of the internet. If she knew she would kill me though.
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I'm so bored. Kayla was supposed to be home at 4:00 and now it's 5:45 and still no sign of her. I figured we could order food or something, but she's not home.

I stayed home all day today and cleaned the house for Mom. I'm sure they'll be something wrong with it though. She comes home all stressed from work and takes it out on me, she needs to get some more from Big Tom and calm down.

I watched Love -&- Basketball today. It was alright, but not as good as the girls at school say. All the cheerleaders and whores are like, "OMG did you watch Love & Basketball last night for the 1,000,000 time?" That guy in the movie was ugly anyway.

Robbie wants me to fix his hair for his senior pictures. I don't think there is any hope for it though. I probably won't be home to do it anyway.

I have no clue what to get Jackie for her birthday. I guess I'll get her something Hello Kitty. Robbie wants NCAA 2005 for his birthday. He might get it, depends what kind of mood I'm in.

I cleaned my dogs water dish today. That was gross, I almost threw up. I hate that dog sometimes, he does the most retarded things. He got tangled up in a tree way up in the mountains and I had to go rescue him because if Mom came home and her baby Chopper was trapped in the mountains she would freak out. She loves that dog more than me.

When we go back to Tennessee Saturday, I have to lay out in the sun hardcore. My legs are white as snow seals. I need to go get my eyebrows waxed one day. Last time I let Tosha do it, I only had one eyebrow lol.
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